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Reasoning is the death of action! Measure twice, cut once!

Wishful thinking degenerates life! Wishful thinking is the embryo of creative thinking! Who rushes ahead gets into the same trouble as the one who lags behind!

Here, accordingly, we stand between the shelves of stupidities and shrewdness. Preconceptions break in on us; a whirlpool of bigotry flays us.

The artist stands in the bows of a ship, Good and Bad are captured by his nerves straining as a net. Is he mad or a saint? There are societies which do not make a distinction between the two. Oscillations of the net induce prophecies; we call these prophecies: ART.

If the artist remains alone with his prophecies, he may choose: to skulk, or to wear a mask, or to go crazy or to ridicule himself.