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Let me to speak about my own activity, about my own arts if it suits your convenience.

It was destined to be born in 1946, in Tatabánya, somewhere at the feet of Vértes mountains. It was far away from high culture, but close to the exciting and the same time calming nature.

Then came from the Fine Arts College the freshly graduated painter Henrik Krajcsirovics, who, as my drawing-teacher, saw much more in my drawings than myself. He, as a good coach, prepared me for the secondary school of fine arts, the existence of which I didn't even know.

Here I was lucky again, because Tibor Zala demonstrated for as what was meant by graphic design in
contradistinctions to the mercantile graphic. At that time it was a delightful experience to go to in this school. Luckily for me I could become a student of György Konecsni. I would like to continue his conversational, anecdotal training-educating method. And his attitude that the substance of arts is creativity, that there are no bounds between the artistic forms, there are only tasks to be solved.
It was also a lucky thing for me, that I could start to work in the golden-age of the hungarian poster art. There was a big competition, The hungarian posters were ranged among the best ones in the world. I remember very well my first poster after my graduation which became the winner of a competition and won the title of the Poster of the Century, but of course only in words.

It was a great chance for me to work together with some excellent architects of Hungexpo company, to make stereoscopic graphic, and as a legionary to build hungarian stands, pavilions in exotic places of the world. It was a very beautiful task to design stamps, that is another extremity in size with a totally different way of thinking. From among the coats of arms designed by me, the coat of arms of Kistelek is the one I like most. I had my own individual exhibitions roughly every 10 years. / It is the artistic form of the street, isn't it?/ As a sort of revision: where am I, what have I reached.

In 1995 the Foundation for the Hungarian Poster was established and I was elected as its president by the colleagues. The Foundation organised some common and some individual exhibitions, and published a catalogue series. I have been teaching in the Fine Arts University of Hungary for 28 years.

I achieved the DLA degree in 2002.

I got prizes, too. I got the Grand Prix of the Graphic Biennale of Békéscsaba, the first prize of the UNO, a special prize of the Warsaw Biennale, and in 2001 the Munkácsy Prize.